How will remote-first companies, entrepreneurs, or impacted companies forced to go remote: connect, find and manage remote workforces, and grow their business in a transforming world?

A growing number of people, especially Americans, are choosing startups, self-employment, and small business ownership — over traditional full-time jobs.

They are shunning the traditional conveniences of a steady income, health benefits, and retirement plans.

This trend has been mostly accelerated by COVID, but for those whose primary unit of economic benefit is their time, knowledge, and expertise; think software developers, designers, and digital marketers- this trend has made it even easier to venture out and stake your claim.

Increasingly powerful and accessible internet-based platforms and tools enable individuals to create, collaborate, and communicate effectively and with ease.

However, the obstacles facing startups and small business owners must be managed on top of the demands of actually operating a successful small business, which includes: carving out a unique value proposition, showcasing your work, finding and keeping customers, delivering work profitably and on time, managing money, growing your team and resources, all while balancing the demands of family.

The team at Intrepid is excited to take up this challenge to help modern entrepreneurs start and grow a global business from anywhere in the world, even if it’s only a micro-multinational.

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Digital community, collaboration, and on-demand business services for remote companies

Building a marketplace community to list, buy and sell, on-demand technology and creative services is no easy task.

You must be motivated to solve complex problems that exist at the core of remote and global businesses.

It requires you to empathise with buyers and sellers and help them connect to do business together — across borders, timezones, and culture.

Some of the challenges that need to be addressed are as follows.

Selling services to remote companies.

Remote companies, Startups, and small business owners need new clients, but they also understand that finding and securing them is tough.

Growth-oriented startups and small business owners are constantly juggling competing priorities — delivering great work, building their brand and reputation, and finding new clients and projects.

Of the over 200 design and development companies I personally talked to over the last year, most find sales and prospecting challenging, and a significant portion dislike selling enough to simply put it off.

Digital sales and marketing practices (e.g., content and email marketing) are effective for small businesses but are under-utilised, or are not given enough development to provide it with any worth.

The tactics and strategies change so often that many just give up or do it ineffectively- over emailing, direct selling through LinkedIn, and Angellist where ROI on time is inefficient.

We noticed that younger entrepreneurs apply digital tactics more effectively than their older counterparts. But unlike their more senior colleagues, they are less adept at leveraging existing client relationships, or referrals, for growth.

The overall perspective is that these growth oriented companies and professionals find it hard to strike the right balance between service delivery and sales.

On Intrepid we help these growth minded remote-first companies by providing them with everything a growing startup, SMB, design or development company needs to reach a global customer base and sell their services to startups and global brands — all without spending countless hours searching for new clients and chasing down leads on LinkedIn and Angellist.

We provide our design and development partners with a shopping cart specifically designed for services, and UI templates for service productisation.

Now other  remote first startups and small businesses can buy your services with confidence through our specially designed shopping cart and service catalogue-- made for specifically for creative technology businesses.

Buying on demand services and managing growth for remote companies.

Where do professionals, startups, and small business owners turn for key business support services like technology help, financial and creative services?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners opt for a do-it-yourself approach, even though they lack the expertise because they feel that they can’t afford to hire these skills in-house or can’t find and integrate these services in an effective way.

When professionals, startups, and small business owners “outsource” they tend to work with companies that are generally in their size range and prefer to work with other professionals, startups, or small businesses.

Owners and entrepreneurs believe that traditional service providers cater more to the needs of large businesses.

They struggle to find the right fit when looking outside the walls of their office — smaller service providers are more likely to offer a better mix of value, fit, and a willingness to focus on the needs of even the smallest accounts.

However, finding, collaborating, and understanding if their services match your needs is a significant challenge.

On Intrepid, you can easily purchase professional technology and creative services from remote companies, at a consistent, high-quality standard, from trusted web & mobile app designers and developers, so you can get your projects done on time and budget.

Our platform is designed to verify, sort, and match technology creatives and remote startups on over 100 metrics that make the purchasing decision easy for you without the endless back and forth of requirements gathering, lack of price transparency, and mission creep that plagues almost every kind of collaborative project.

We believe that anyone should be able to start and grow a global business from anywhere in the world.

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Banking and financial services for remote companies and distributed workforces

The majority of professionals and startups are tentative about working with big banks — mostly because banks won’t open an account for them and a new business or they’ve just had unsavoury experiences in the past.

Beyond simply matching remote-first companies with technology creatives, we realised that startups and remote companies need financial solutions designed specifically for them to do business in a modern way.

Access to financial tools, similar to those you would have in an e-commerce operation that sells goods, like: Escrow, B2B card payments, POS business loans, invoice factoring, and lines of credit.

We’re building Intrepid today for the way that remote companies should connect, work, and grow — while making the global trade of knowledge-based services universally accessible and inclusive through financial technology.

Behind the scenes, we’re a tight-knit team of technologists, designers, and marketers. We’ve spent years as a remote first and distributed team, selling our services to companies, big and small, all over the world.

This means we understand your need, as a remote company, to build trust, your reputation, as well as acquire high-value clients from anywhere in the world, so you can get paid consistently and on time.

Having sat on both sides of the fence, we’ve experienced all the same challenges as you, but we’ve had lots of experience buying services and managing remote teams too.

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